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Package: Pro Drysuit Offer

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The Beuchat Iceberg Pro is a pre-formed anatomically cut drysuit that uses 4mm thick high-quality ultra flexible ELASKIN 2.2 neoprene for a streamlined and comfortable fit that doesn't restrict movment

SPECIAL OFFER: You might be thinking about trying cold water diving but don’t want to spend a fortune on new gear…

Please note, upon purchase of the suit package, we will contact you directly for individual sizes of the undersuit, hood, boots and gloves.

Included in this package is:

  • Iceberg Pro Drysuit
  • Heatskin Undersuit
  • Hood
  • Gloves
  • Rock Boots
  • Zip wax
  • Talc

Rather than being fitted with a diagonal front zip, the Iceberg Pro features a horizontal zip that runs across the chest and tops of the arms. This configuration still allows self donning but without the stretch restriction and bunching that occurs with a diagonal zip. The zip is a TIZIP Masterseal 10 watertight fastener with preformed external neoprene net protection flap.

The Iceberg Pro is fitted with Si-Tech inflator and purge valves. The valves have internal protection for increased comfort around the valve area (chest and arms) plus a deflector function on the chest valve to eliminate discomfort caused by airflow. The position of the purge button on the arm allows divers to reduce pressure using only one hand.

On the side, the suit is lined with an Elaskin X 6.4 stretch panel on the back to simplify undressing. Interior braces ensure a snug anatomical fit at the crotch without the material moving and bunching during use.

The wrist seals are bottle-neck style smooth neoprene inner seals for better water tightness, ease of fitting and comfort. The neck is fitted with a transformable double collar with Velcro flap closure. An anatomical collar seal allows free movement of the head without letting in water.

The seat and legs use a number of reinforcing and protective layers. The seat and thighs have reinforced PU panels that help to protect the neoprene and also offer an anti-slip finish. The knees are given extra protection through the use of a Supratex 2 layer. The right leg is also fitted with a flexible neoprene pocket designed to offer volume with no impact on hydrodynamics. The pocket can hold a diving mask and other items safely thanks to an attachment ring.

To finish the suit the Iceberg Pro is fitted with flexible elastic multi-size socks. This solution offers improved isothermal protection and a longer suit lifespan than when the dive boot joins the suit at the calf.

The Iceberg Pro is supplied with a 2 in 1 carry bag/groundsheet. When using the bag as a groundsheet, remove your dive suit cleanly before positioning it on the sheet. Then simply close the bag with the suit inside and carry it home without getting wet and without wetting the boot of the car.

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