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Ammonite LED Stingray Compact - Deluxe


Ammonite LED Stingray Compact - Deluxe

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This is the most powerful and at the same time the smallest compact torch Ammonite System have ever developed!

LED Stingray sets a comletely new standard in its class of products.  Its distinctive features are the amazing amount of light, long operation time, handiness and reliable, heavy-duty build.  Also, the torch is characterised by a very small size - 120mm in lenght, 40mm in diameter - and low weight - 130gr, which makes it perfectly fit into the hand, it is equally easy to mount it to the harness or put it in yout diving suit or jacket pocket.

LEDG Stingray means 1000lm of light, offering a distribution angle of 16 degrees and as many as 1.5 hours* of stable performance!  The source of light comprises 3 CREE XPG 2 LED's powered with a single Li-Ion type 18560 battery protected from overcharge and deep discharge.  The torch is built with the use of the best materials available on the market.  The body is made of Delrin, while the aluminium head is coated with hard anode resistant to mechanical damage and any weather factors.  The torch's front glass is made of 6mm tempered glass. 

Includes USB charger, micro USB cable, 100 - 240 V USB wall adapter, 2 x Li-Ion 18650/300 mA rechargeable battery, carabiner clip, silicone bands set - 6 pcs, battery storage box).


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