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Pursuit Openwater Swimming Wetsuit - Ladies


Pursuit Openwater Swimming Wetsuit - Ladies

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The Aqua Sphere Wetsuit is Flexible: Aqua Sphere’s bio-stretch zone suit posses thin wrap-around reach panels that are engineered and designed to follow the natural movements of a swimmer’s shoulders, upper body, and core rotation while swimming.

The Aqua Sphere Wetsuit is Warm: A wetsuit, after all, should keep the swimmer or the tri-athlete warm in the water. Sadly, many wetsuits can’t even claim to do that. Aqua Sphere incorporates Thermo-Guard technology into all of its products. According to field tests, the Aqua Sphere Pursuit provides maximum warmth, maximum flexibility, and maximum range of motion in the shoulders, legs, and chest areas.

The Aqua Sphere Wetsuit has Aqua Drive Technology: The wetsuit’s panels are strategically placed around the core of the body. This acts as a primary planning surface while swimming. The Aqua Drive Technology is engineered and designed to maximize buoyancy and efficiency. Many tri-athletes, beginners and advanced alike, reported the Aqua Drive Technology resulted in an improved body position that reduces drag and increases hydrodynamics.

The Aqua Sphere Wetsuit has an Aqua-Flex Collar: To a tri-athlete, nothing is more uncomfortable than a tight, itchy collar. Aqua Sphere’s Aqua-Flex collar is watertight and comfortable. It has two layers with an ultra-fine nano-skin design which minimizes neck chaffing.

Aqua Sphere Incorporates Top-Of-The-Line Nanotechnology: #38 Yamamato nanotechnology offers the optimum balance of reduced drag, flexibility, and durability, The SCS nano-skin coating has the absolute lowest drag coefficient available on the market and it maximizes speed and performance.


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