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Boat Diver Speciality


Boat Diver Speciality

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Going on a Boat Dive, unsure what to do, what equipment to pack, how to pack or stow it when on the boat, just generally nervous but want to go and experience all that boat diving has to offer.

Then this is the ideal opportunity to sign up for the Boat Speciality and be guided through a days worth of diving and learn everything you need to know.

During your PADI Boat Diver Specialty course, you will:-

  • Gain the appropriate knowledge and terminology related to boat diving
  • Learn how to correctly stow your equipment
  • Learn about Boat safety, including how to locate safety equipment - you never know when you might need that extra toilet roll!
  • Learn what you can expect in a boat safety briefing from the boat skipper
  • Cover the relevant Boat diving procedures and general boat etiquette
  • Cover Entry and exits appropriate to the boat you are diving on
  • Have access to a Dive Rutland Instructor throughout the day to guide you in all things Boat diving

Over one day complete two boat dives - planning the dive and diving the plan (the cost of the boat trip is NOT included).  For more detailed information on this speciality then have a look at our webpage here or pop into the shop or give us a ring

Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this course. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.

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