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Advanced Openwater Diver: STD


Advanced Openwater Diver: STD

Stock No. AOWSTD
GBP 650.00

The Advanced Open Water program is to help you gain realistic and appropriate confidence by refining your skills and experience whilst supervised by a PADI Professional.Its about "Thinking like a diver" - this course teaches thinking, which is just as much a skill as buoyancy control.

For a full course description of our Advanced Open Water certification then please have a look at the webpage here

An SK8 compass is included in all of our Advanced Open Water packages.. why.. well you need to use one on your mandatory navigation dive, so learn how to correctly use with our professional team members and in all your future diving you will always find your dive site and your way home.

Standard Package - includes the five dives of the Advanced Open Water / SK8 Compass / an additional 'wet' speciality either Drysuit Speciality or Peak Performance Buoyancy.

To book your course dates we will arrange directly with yourself, so please book onto the 31st December and we will contact you directly to arrange your dates or if you prefer email [email protected] or pop into the shop to arrange directly.

If you are the holder of TWO Specialities then you will receive a discount, please choose the Advanced Open Water - TWO Specialities option from our estore or contact the shop to arrange directly.  In addtion there are integrated speciality offerings such as Drysuit Speciality with your Advanced Open Water course.

And our How to Choose a Dive Centre article here as not all things are equal.

Sorry, we don't have any dates available at the moment for this course. Contact us and we'll try to accommodate you.

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