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Here at Dive Rutland we have a range of fins that suit all your water sports needs. Our friendly staff are here to help you select the right one for you and your water sport needs.. Not able to pop in to discuss, then have a read of our CHOOSING FINS article

Atomic Aquatics
Atomic Blade OH Fins

While ease and efficiency of kicking are the signature features of Splitfins, power and speed are the hallmark of the Atomic Blade Fins. Now, loyal Atomic Aquatics retailers and their customers have a choice of designs to best fit their swimming style.… - Read More

GBP 129.00

The Atomic Spring Straps are comfortable and practical straps designed for use on any Atomic Aquatics open heel fin including the popular SplitFin. The string straps feature a unique buckle system, making them very easy to get on and off the fin whilst… - Read More

GBP 53.50

The Mares Avanti Excel Fins offer the highest level of performance in all diving conditions. Whale Tail design, great power transmission Anatomical foot pocket Tri-material for maximum performance Following several tests on new materials, Mares has created… - Read More

GBP 38.00

RK3 Fin

Fins designed alongside the US Military. RK3 fins are made from thermoplastic rubber providing great power and efficiency in the water. Spring straps are fitted as standard for easy donning and doffing as well as being much more robust than their… - Read More

GBP 115.00

The RK3 HD is the next fin in the RK3 range of fins. The RK3 HD is made from a higher density material than the standard RK3, which makes the fin stiffer and heavier. The RK3 HD was developed in response to feedback from divers who prefer a heavier fin.… - Read More

GBP 115.00

This full foot fin is made with a very soft foot pocket for a comfortable fit on bare feet. - Read More

GBP 15.00

The Aqua Lung Wind Travel Full Foot Fins, The Wind is a new entry-level full pocket fin, ideal for scuba and snorkeling. Even though it is compact and lightweight, the Wind is still robust and comfortable. Features: Travel-size blade and light weight… - Read More

GBP 29.00